Is Your Practice Healthy?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your staff delivering the excellent customer service your patients expect?

  • Could your office be more efficient and organized?

  • Is your office staff enthusiastic and cheerful when answering your phones?

  • Is your office a positive, enjoyable place for both patients and employees?

  • Are you maximizing your daily schedule?

  • Does patient flow need improvement?

  • Would you like to see your practice grow more quickly?

I specialize in fixing the problems that are impeding you from having the practice of your dreams. You desire your patients to have an exceptional patient experience in every part of your office and to have an enjoyable and productive work environment.


Medical Office CPR focuses on optimizing your medical practice to deliver excellent customer service and care for your patients in a positive, enthusiastic environment.  I provide an unbiased, critical eye to address problem areas in your practice and offer positive solutions. My goal is to create an efficient practice and pleasant work environment for the entire office. Doctors should focus on delivering superior care for the patient, with the confidence the staff is providing a positive customer service experience.

A healthy practice is growing practice!

Patients that experience superior care in your office will spread the word through positive reviews, helping the business grow organically.


Bringing an unbiased, critical eye to the practice to help assess areas of concern and offer solutions based on the results.
  • Customer Service Assessments

  • Efficiency & Organization Analysis

Increasing Office Efficiency

Solving inefficiencies in the office will allow the team to focus on delivering a positive experience to the patient.
  • Patient Flow/Work Flow Analysis

  • Schedule Optimization

  • Billing Analysis

  • Expense Analysis

Providing Unique Solutions

Bringing decades of experience to solve the unique problems facing your business.
  • Temporary Office Management

  • Opening a New Practice

  • Transitioning to Concierge Medical Practice

Doctors should focus on delivering superior care for the patient, with the confidence the staff is providing a positive customer service experience.


I began my Medical Office career over 20 years ago as a receptionist in a busy medical practice. Early in my career, I moved to Prior Authorizations and Referrals, Insurance Coding and Billing and finally to the position of Office Manager.  I held the position of Office Manager for 18 years.  It was a bustling office with several physicians, and most insurances and Medicare were accepted.

Eventually, my boss asked me to leave that practice and assist him in opening and creating one of the first concierge medical practices in the nation. It was imperative to deliver an extraordinary patient experience by providing the excellent customer service our patients should expect to receive.  Our patients’ anticipated wait times of only a few minutes and same-day appoints, made efficiency and patient flow critical for success. This level of service required constant analysis and problem solving and pushed us to strive for excellence.

I believe that these principals, with an emphasis on an excellent patient experience, are applicable to all types of Medical Practices.

Physicians should only need to concentrate on delivering caring, thorough visits with their patients, not being concerned about whether the rest of the office staff is providing excellent customer service.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Management
    Minnesota State University

  • Yearly HIIPA and OSHA Training

  • Notary in the State of Florida

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